Food policy roundup 2017: utopia or imminent foodpocalypse

There’s been a dizzying array of apocalyptic policy news in the past month. Lodged somewhere in between the madness is a host of gargantuan food policy potentialities–including dangers & openings, missives & declarations–that might impact our food system for generations to come.

A (late to the party)* sampler plate:

* My fault, been swamped with life lately!

1. From Politico this week on US corn, Mexico & looming market wars with South America.

U.S. corn, beware: Mexico launching trade trip to South America

Read article

. One of many roundups on food policy under the new US White House, discussing some other implications.

Food Policy in the Balance

“Experts and advocates look into a ‘foggy crystal ball’ to uncertain times ahead.”


Read article

Important developments reported from NYU on technology & startups, when it comes to health & food insecurity, not reported on often enough in this instable world:

Health Tech and Food Insecurity – New Report

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Former FDA authority gives rundown, important to read, on food policy work done, synthesis of lots of information, political future, from US perspective in The Hill. We should come back to this & assess in 3 months, then 3 years, etc.:

Innovation in the consumer’s interest: The path forward on food policy” : Read article


5. Startup founder of snack food co. gets into FDA-accountability whilst generating splashy PR; brilliant? Many possible repercussions in the latter sphere, perhaps in that of food regs, too. Fuzzy on how it will operate & what the makeup will be (people, functions, modes). Though what we do know: it has generated lots of press & good uptake of dialogue on certain dormant issues (& likely will precipitate other such projects). To keep an eye on. This roundup from The Daily Meal, as others did a terrible job of reporting on it competently.

KIND Founder and CEO Spends $25 Million on ‘Feed the Truth’ Public Health Organization


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10 years too late, though not never, so we should rejoice. Canada is discussing labelling. The US has finally revamped its ‘expiration’ policies on labels, after realizing they are meaningless & costly, misleading, completely connected to food insecurity

Use by? Sell by? New food labels aim to make it easier to know

Read article

EU food is rocked too, hardly avoidable with countries heading out fast & furious, torn trade deals & new bilateral negociations on all fronts looming (+ new Canadian deal w EU ratified, in odd timing):

Read: Urgent need for fundamental reform of EU food and farming policy
8. Somewhat partisan though very well articulated thoughts from the folk at Civil Eats on Trump & food – of course these are huge questions & no answers are imminent. We should beware of quick fix-alls & celebrity input:

What’s at Stake for Ag Policy under Trump’s USDA Pick: Food policy experts around the country weigh in, with hope and deep concerns



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