9 inspiring aquaponics systems to inspire your setup

Stunning & smart examples to inspire your aquaponics system setup

Aquaponics systems have come a long way. When we posted a series of articles, photosets and stories about them just a few short years ago, they were still the stuff of pipe dreams for many–especially the mainstream home & lifestyle press.

Now, it seems we hear about aquaponics daily: the feature of countless startups, office buildings, communities, blogs, and headline news.

Still, it always helps to have a bit of inspiration if you’re just getting into the aquaponics game. From brilliantly simple home setups to elegant institutional applications, these 9 aquaponics systems are sure to spark your interest to begin harvesting fish and growing food without soil.

1. PVC pipe setup

This simple DIY setup, one of countless PVC pipe aquaponic system, makes efficient use of backyard space with cheap material and adds a fun aesthetic to the yard.

PVC aquaponic pipe system
PVC aquaponic pipe system

2. Aquaponics to feed prisoners

An inspiring movement is underway in Colorado, where aquaponics are fuelling a portion of the prison food system. As the Denver Post reports, prison inmates are also set to help maintain the process:

Colorado Aquaponics installed a $4,000 aquaponics system in the Palmer Building with the intent of training officers to maintain the system and, eventually, training inmates to do the same.

Read the whole article in the Denver Post

3. Cheapest aquaponic setup that fits in your bedroom

Is this the cheapest and easiest setup ever invented for aquaponics and hydroponics?

This simple, inspiring installation–so handy you can put it in your bedroom–might just be the most affordable aquaponics setup at $35: If this works, this installation could just be the cheapest aquaponics setup you can find.

Learn more about it here.

4. Elegant, crowd-funded aquaponics design

Possibly the most sexy and urban of the aquaponics setups: EcoQube is billed as a “desktop ecosystem” and has already raised $286,000 on Kickstarter.

If you’re tentative or looking for hassle-free, it could be a fun way to start. If nothing else, it’ll open up conversation with your houseguests, and maybe sway some minds to the benefits.

5. Farm lobsters to fuel your aquaponics system

This one we just couldn’t resist. Who needs to overpay for frozen imported lobster, when you can farm lobsters at home all while growing aquaponically!

6.  Stunning tower-top aquaponic designs

On the corporate front, these rooftop aquaponics setups for towers are decent yield and stunning to look at. Check out Verti Frames for more of their work or to get some of for your own office tower.

via www.growvertifarms.com

Their work is also featured in schools, hotels, condos, synagogue, and more!

Learn more on this blog or this one.

7. Backyard elegance with wood, stone…and aquaponics!

Merging beautiful wood and stonework on a deck with aquaponics is something you rarely see. Over at, Milkwood we see just how much the two styles can compliment each other.

Image via http://www.milkwood.net/

8. Make a lemon tree with fish

Do you know the sheer diversity of edible life you can grow using simple aquaponics? For example…  a lemon tree!

9. Exotic fish aquaponics system

Okay, so it’s not the highest-yielding aquaponics installation out there, though, come on, the size & exotic fish just make it so shareable. Again, why not try something elegant and home-friendly like this just to get your head in the game?

Exotic fish aquaponics system
Exotic fish aquaponics system via Aquqponichowto

You never know what your next setup might yield…

Looking for more inspiration for your aquaponics system setup, or just stare at a few lovely designs?

Try these:

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