Séralini’s hotly-debated GMO study published again amidst yet more skepticism

There has been intense debate about the Séralini affair since day one. If you haven’t seen the documentary (or read all the pundits), the Wikipedia entry is a basic starting point.

To me, though, the most valuable part about Séralini is how he got us talking, thinking and strategizing about what our relationship to genetic modification really is. In our midst. In our lives. In our environment and our bodies.

GMO maize test
GMO maize test, Bourgouin-Jallieu, Isère, France. Souce: Wikipedia.

I’m not one to judge whether it was dodgy science or not, but it’s impossible to refute that the study has had a greater impact on popular consciousness (and even legislation) than most.

For this alone I’m grateful, and I hope we continue to take the topic seriously. Indeed, any future GMO studies will be even more rigorous, and thus revealing because of him and his team.

Retracted GMO Study Republished via The Scientist.


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