owner of place bagel du faubourg standing at counter in front of oven

This bagel place was the last bastion of life (and anything market-related) in the once-grand Faubourg! My boy Fabrizio Stendardo went to speak to the retiring bagel pros of Place Bagel du Faubourg. Don’t miss this harrowing tale!


P1030261Around lunch time on Friday, loyal customers lined up to say their teary-eyed goodbyes and farewells. After 27 years, Place Bagel du Faubourg, located at 1616 St. Catherine Street West, will open its doors one last time tomorrow before ceasing to exist altogether.

Immigrants from São Miguel, the largest island in the Portuguese Azores, Joao and Maria Pires have decided the time is right to close the place down and finally retire.

The couple, who opened Faubourg Bagel Place in 1986, along with another partner Isaac Schneider, want to spend their time doing other things instead of work. “Sunday, I don’t know, we are going to relax the whole day” says Maria, who also intends on devoting more time to her three grandchildren.

Annie Pare, whose family has been frequenting Faubourg Bagel Place for about 25 years, says she is really sad to see this place go. “When you live…

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