Concordia Greenhouse: Aquaponics in the heart of centre-ville

Today I would like to point out the amazing resources right in the heart of downtown Montréal : the Concordia Greenhouse.

This space was reclaimed from its previous uses on the top (ish) floor of the gargantuan Hall Building, on de Maisonneuve between Mackay and Bishop. Besides a host of other endeavours, the Concordia Greenhouse is one of the few institutions (or inhabitants of a large building downtown, period) to be experimenting with aquaponics. According to them, their milestones are to:

• experiment with general principles of backyard-sized aquaponics

• examine the feasibility and limitations of such a system in the context of urban use.

• provide a demonstration of this technique via information sessions.

• build a database of environmental conditions and inputs to better adapt the system to North American climates and and find appropriate fish species for our temperate climate

• formulate better and more sustainable fish food recipes

This experiment can visited in person most days.

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