Web 3.0 and shared ritual space

In the environment of sharing, the meal seems a dinosaur.

But where do we pick up on our graces? Why do we read what we want, and leave the rest? And why do we feel we need to ‘excuse’ ourselves from conversations, mailing lists, blog discussions? Might there not be a lot found between the meal and the social endeavour we now embark upon? Rituals are founded for a reason: they give us cues and guides through which we can generate meaning. Otherwise, our existence would be solely subsistential. For better or worse, we have minds, AND we have mouths, the latter of which can be used for both psychic (verbal/mental) nourishment and physical life-sustenance (enjoyment-existence).

There is a crossover, a gap, a boundary.

Web 1.0 began the gap limited largely to our fingers, and our sight: text, with a smattering of imagery (at that, mostly charts or softcore porn).

Web 2.0 enunciated the moving image, the video, and sound truly came into the mix. We could call our friends free across the globe.

Web 3.0 might begin the journey to the mouth, which some say, is not dissociate from the heart, which in turn, we cannot discount from the head’s hurdles. Who can say they have been able to think clearly, for example, on an empty stomach? Who can say they haven’t had a warm intimate aha! upon lapping up a cup of coffee at just that moment, you know the one…early in the morning, or in the mid-afternoon sway, or amidst the still expanse of the night.

We are nothing but what our gut tells us: eat up, steer clear, suck up, get on, get off, move out, start that path, journey to the core, get out, you know what I mean

So why wait for web 3.0 to “rear its flashy head at hotdog eating contests” to understand what connectivity is, I mean, really!


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