Food for Life – Feeding the World w Disaster Relief

This enormous, marvellous organization feeds the world using plant-based foods. Think it’s a small group of vegans out there trying to make a difference? Try 50 countries worldwide, and a global outreach effort to promote plant-based food to those in desperation.

Plant-based meals in the millions to Pakistan after the earthquake

They have fed (at this moment): 880,000,000 people times.

That’s nearly 1 billion people who at some point, have eaten a meal thanks to this mammoth and much-underrated service.

Help in Haiti, or anywhere else food is needed.

“Throughout the fighting in Grozny, Sarajevo and Sukhumi — Food for Life was there; attending to earthquake victims in Haiti, Armenia, Russia and India — Food for Life was there; saving stranded villagers during floods in West Bengal and the Philippines — Food for Life was there; feeding hungry children in South Africa and the millions of others in the streets of nearly every major city of the world Food for Life volunteers are there nourishing people with pure plantbased meals. ”

Nominate them for a Nobel Peace Prize!!


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