1 billion hungry; 6 billion wasted

Let us start with some quotes from the Human Rights wing of the United Nation, quoted in turn on Wikipedia:

“On June 19, 2009, it was reported that the number of malnourished people in the world exceeded 1 billion people, about a sixth of the world’s total population.

There were 923 million malnourished people in the world in 2007, an increase of 80 million since 1990. The FAO purports that the world already produces enough food to feed everyone — 6 billion people — and could feed double — 12 billion people.”

The state of food production in the world was not my main concern when I began this blog, but it has slowly ripened upon me that we live in an unnnecessary state of crisis, chaos, and rupture on this planet. Why? I will leave that to conspiracy theorists, economic dudes, and the UN. The important thing is the glimmer of light: we can feed everyone, and dammit, we will!

If organizations like Food for Life – with their branches spawned all over the globe – are not enough, the next step is simply taking action: letting everyone know that the food exists, but we need to get it out there. the UN’s World Food Program, though massive in scope, is actually one of the best and most efficient hunger relief agencies on this small planet. Everyone and their dog can do something to raise awareness and funds; take, for example, local DJ Ja Big, and his Beats for Life tour.

In Detroit, they are building the world’s largest urban farm. Why not do this in our own backyards?

This is a call to arms, plants, trowels. Have ideas? Write them here!

In case this is not obvious, I have made my own rudimentary and highly-unscientific graph to…


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