I Love Lunch: A Musical

You need a napkin? I need one too!

Why are food and music, with their complementary improvisational qualities, usually relegated to drab dinner Theatre or forgotten restaurant-corner trios mandated to churn out harmless musak which should never rise above diners’ dish-clanking?

There doesn’t seem much left of the spontaneous in most people’s daily food or musical world, let alone the combination of the two.

But we have musicians, and eaters, who feel they can uplift our hearts with hope! A napkin is enough to change all that.

The brilliant ImprovEverywhere idea out of the US tackles this sad state of affairs head-on at the Trump Tower with I Love Lunch: A Musical.

Don’t miss their grocery store outing “Let’s Squish Our Fruits Together” and the founding classic (and source of the above “napkin” reference): “Food Court Musical.

Got food-improv ideas? Post them right here on the mealscape!


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