DC Food For All

Wholesomeness starts in the tummy!!

Wholesome communities come from wholesome shared meals. This is evidenced nowhere greater than in Washington DC, where DC Food For All promotes political change on the nutritional front, all while bringing together people through meal-oriented connective events such as the free Potluck Dinners For All!

Some of their activities involve incisive deconstructions of over-sugared youth. While I am one of the world’s biggest sweet-tooths (and thinking back to my childhood breakfasts, maybe this is why…), I’ve always found it appalling to see the actual ingredients in ‘balanced’ breakfast foods created ‘ just for growing kids’.

Needless to say, they are more aware of their sugars in the U.S., where (both adult and childhood) obesity has long since been exposed as a national crisis.

Here are a few recent “sweetposts” by Food For All:


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